Who we are and what we will do during the French semester 2022 

We are a group of colleagues and friends of the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s science and knowledge service. On the occasion of the French Presidency of Council of the European Union from January to June 2022, we propose a broad range of activities and events in the areas of science, culture, art, and sport.  France and its Regions have a lot to offer and our program for this semester aims at providing deeper insights into the specificity and variety of traditions that can be met in our country. France in the world and France of the Regions are our common threads for building up our program of cultural events for this semester regarding sports, music, films, traditions, tourism and obviously gastronomy.  We will invite our colleagues from the other EU nationalities, and our neighbours in the area where we live and work (Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain) to join us in these events for discovering the way of life and the food of our beautiful regions.  Our semester will also promote social actions, solidarity, sustainability and biodiversity.   These will be supported through holding cultural conferences, exhibitions, and actions undertaken in collaboration with local organizations.

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