The Uros project of an innovative french company

Ecocean is an innovative French company of 15 people, founded in 2003 and based in Montpellier, Marseille and Toulon. Ecocean is a leader in the field of ecological engineering in the marine environment and inventor of habitat solutions. Its main activity is to offer simple, effective and ecological solutions to support biological populations in coastal marine areas and is now diversifying to bring its experience to freshwater ecosystems.

The UROS project is an innovative ecological engineering project that brings together the skills and experience of the ECOCEAN company and the ECLA “Lake Ecosystems” R&D Pole (OFB / INRAE). The UROS project aims to compensate or mitigate the negative effects of artificial fluctuations in the water level induced by the hydraulic management of artificial lakes by the installation of artificial floating vegetated islands. These true floating ecosystems therefore reproduce the essential ecological functions of a natural shore (feeding, reproduction and nursery area) by being constantly available for aquatic fauna since they are free from fluctuations in water level.

The main objective is therefore to promote the biodiversity of artificial lakes and improve their ecological status, which would make it possible to reconcile usage constraints and biodiversity.

To date, three 75 m² floating structures acting as demonstrators have been installed on the Serre-Ponçon lake in September 2018. After more than 3 years of scientific monitoring, the results show that the structures have been largely colonized by macroinvertebrates. and fish including pike (target species). From these results, a final architecture of UROS structures optimizing the cost / ecological efficiency ratio can be defined