The UNISOAP association recycles five tonnes of unused hotel soap

Created in August 2017, UNISOAP is the first French non-profit association with a mission to collect and recycle used hotel soap for humanitarian purposes.

The objective is to transform this waste into resources for vulnerable populations and give them access to hygiene

A simple operation

They collect used soap from hotels all over France. We they recycle this with the help of an ESAT (Etablissement ou Services d’Aide par le Travail), an initiative that facilitates integration into the mainstream labour market for people with disabilities. Finally, they donate the recycled soap to local or international partner associations.

Some of the soap will be used for hygiene education missions carried out by UNISOAP in schools and hospitals. With this approach, they support a sustainable and inclusive tourism sector and advocate zero waste.

Unisoap, three aims are to:
1) reduce waste,
2) allow more people to access good hygiene, and
3)create employment among disabled people

Their initiative is motivated by two alarming findings:

  • The first concerns child hygiene. Each year 2.2 million children die from diseases linked to a lack of hygiene.
  • The second reveals a considerable waste of soap. They estimate that more than 51 million soaps are thrown away each year by hotels across France.

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