The School of Nature and Landscape (ENP)- INSA Centre Val de Loire

The National School of Nature and Landscape, located in Blois, was created in 1993

The National School of Nature and Landscape delivered the diploma of landscape engineer, since 2018 it has issued the State diploma in landscaping, like three other French schools. The school recruits post-bac and the training lasts five years.

This training, at the crossroads of scientific and creative practices, includes scientific lessons focused on understanding life sciences, human and social sciences lessons, visual arts and representation lessons, technical project engineering lessons. of landscape; all the lessons converge on the practice of the landscape project. Students complete internships in France and abroad at the rate of one internship per year, i.e. 5 during their training, over a period of 12 months in total. The training concludes with an individual end of study assignment on a site and a problem of their choice (TFE) throughout the fifth year

The School of Nature and Landscape trains landscapers who are alert to the changes in the world to come, inventive and committed, with a solid scientific and technical background, a general culture and a unique personality.
The teaching team is attentive to the evolution of teaching and educational exercises in order to respond to the new challenges to be taken up for future designers, and to the evolution of a profession of transformation and the imagination of cities and towns. territories of tomorrow.
As part of an original organization between teachers, researchers, students and administrative staff, future landscapers develop a unique posture of research and doubt, acquire knowledge that is both precise and generalist, open up ever greater fields of curiosity and define a personal writing of their commitment to the world, around the central tool of our training: the landscape project.

The School of Nature and Landscape is member of the ECLAS (European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools) network and participates in workshops and activities organized by the LE:NOTRE (Landscape Education : New Opportunities for Teaching and Research in Europe) network.


Landscape design exercises are at the heart of the landscape designer learning process. This learning is acquired through the synthesis of technical, scientific and plastic lessons. This approach is nourished and enriched throughout the five years of training by confronting increasingly complex issues, but also by the personal movement of the student.

The landscape project

Inhabited, represented, cultivated and developed territory, the landscape is in motion, in the making and in project. From good intuitions and a detailed analysis of a site, the student acquires method in the diagnosis, up to ” the definition of issues and objectives that lead to the design of space projects thought out over time.
Projects often start with a site and real or realistic questioning. The student sketches a solution, the spatial writing of which he develops and the implementation of which he details. It accompanies its reception to the public.
Certain subjects are carried out within the framework of partnerships with local authorities or companies.

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