Welcome to the JRC French Semester of the French presidency of the EU 2022. Come to our special events and travel our regions with us.

Welcome to the “JRC French Semester “. From 1 January 2022 France takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months. French colleagues at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on its different sites want to celebrate the presidency of the semester and propose a rich and varied program to make their country’s culture, science and traditions known over these six months.

Experience France and travel with us as your guides!

Every month until the end of June 2022, we will showcase and organise activities around a cluster of regions going around France and in its islands and sharing with you their culture, lifestyle, science and initiatives.

You will (re)discover the France you might know and love but also the lesser known aspects we would love to unveil for you!. You will discover new contents month by month and region by region, so in those strange times you can travel throughout eyes and stories too.

What about our logo?. It represents the borders of France and its colours, with the stars of our Europe at its heart, its West Atlantic coast and its splash of ocean blue, and a shape reminiscent of a roof and a home. Our banner is a JRC satellite image, because our science and tech is superb also for our Semester!.

On this website, open to everyone, you will find lots of articles written with love by our French community volunteers, and packed with super interesting facts on so many things ranging from tourism, recipes, initiatives created or developed in France, science, history, architecture, culture and much more. we will also inform on the events that will be open to all including movies, seminars, local actions, gastronomy and wine tasting!

We are looking forward to share with you everything we have prepared over the coming months! So stay tuned!

Browse our website to know more about our plans !
Each month this site will propose a reach overview of a group of region of France.
There is no lack of events and facts to discover our culture and traditions.
Register ! Most of our events will be organized with public and you are welcome to come and enjoy our company.