The cathedral building in Parisian streets

The rue Réaumur is among the Parisian streets the one that offers the most surprising, even grandiloquent facades which do not leave indifferent because of their diversity and their originality. In 1897, on the occasion of the construction of this street, a competition was organized. He is the source of the exceptional result which continues to impress us to this day.

Among the most beautiful buildings on the street, if not the most beautiful, the monumental building at 61-63 rue Réaumur which catches the eye, at the crossroads of rue Saint-Denis, is the work of 2 architects G. Singery, Philippe Jouannin and Jacquier sculptors very popular in Caen. They initiated the construction in 1898, choosing the subject of time.
Art Nouveau, neo-Gothic art intermingle giving birth to sculptures through floral motifs, magnificent mosaics and an entrance worthy of a church portal surmounted by a rose window housing a clock on which appear the signs of the zodiac .

Nothing is missing to create the illusion of a religious building representing time (in fact the 12 months of the year are represented, the 4 seasons in the form of faces and again the signs of the zodiac, this time evoked by animals ). Given the diversity of the decoration, there is no lack of technical terms to characterise the facade, “twin windows, double lancets, gables, columns, consoles, ribs, stained glass …”.

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