Many famous people were born or lived in the region

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté is a region with a strong scientific and industrial culture. Many famous people were born or lived in the region, often the origin of a powerful industry.

Some examples:

  • Adolphe and Eugène Schneider, appointed head of the company “Schneider frères et Cie métallurgiste du Creusot” in 1936
  • Armand Peugeot, born in Valentigney in 1849, industrial
  • Auguste and Louis Lumière, born in 1862 and 1864 in Besançon, inventors in the fields of photography and cinema
  • Colette, born in 1873 in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, writer
  • Claude Lorius, born in 1932 in Besançon, glaciologist
  • Claudie Haigneré, born in 1953 in Creusot, doctor, biologist and astronaut
  • Eugène Péclet, born in 1793 in Besançon, physicist
  • Frédéric Japy, born in 1749 near Montbéliard, in Beaucourt, clockmaker
  • Gustave Eiffel, born in Dijon in 1832, engineer-builder
  • Hilaire de Chardonnet, born in Besançon in 1839, scientific and industrial engineer, inventor of artificial silk
  • Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, born in 1768 in Auxerre, mathematician and physicist
  • Lazare Carno, born in Nolay in 1753, mathematician, physicist, general and French politician
  • Louis Vuiton, born in 1821 in Chabouilla in the Jura, engineer designer
  • Nicéphore Niepce, born in 1765 in Chalon-sur-Saône, inventor of photography
  • Louis Pasteur, born in Dole in 1822, biologist
  • Pierre Vernier, born in 1580 in Ornans, mathematician
  • Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, born in 1809 in Besançon, sociologist and philosopher
  • Paul Bert, born in 1833 in Auxerre, doctor, physiologist and politician
  • Paul-Emile Victor, born in the Jura in 1907, polar explorer
  • Sébastien Vauban, born in 1633 in Saint-Léger-de-Foucheret, architect and engineer
  • Victor Hugo, born in Besançon in 1802, novelist
  • and many others …..

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