Le Mascaret is a natural, spectacular phenomenon

If you are holidaying in the South-West of France near Bordeaux you may hear about the famous tidal bore on the River Garonne. The Mascaret wave is mysterious and spectacular tidal wave enjoyed by surf-board enthusiasts.

What is the Tidal Bore?

The tidal bore is a natural phenomenon on estuary rivers. The tidal bore is produced when the water level is lower and the tidal coefficient exceeds 90 (late spring to autumn). It starts at the mouth of the estuary, at the time of the falling tide / rising tide with the rising flow of the ocean against the downward flow of the river. The Tidal Bore is independent of the wind, however it can thwart the phenomenon if it blows from the east.

Surf on the Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde …

This wave, occurs often in the Gironde estuary. It can reach up to 2 meters high, and travels between 15 and 30 km/h. Surfers can ride the wave for up to 10 minutes.