La boule de fort

Traditional game of the Loire Valley and in particular of Anjou, which dates back to at least 1660, boule de fort is the only sport that is practiced in “charentaises” (slippers)!

Initiation et découverte de la BOULE DE FORT à SAUMUR (49)

The combination of the ball slightly offset center of gravity (strong side) to the tread (metal circle) with the extremely “rolling” raised-edged-playground gives the ball a slowly zigzag course.

Would the game have inspire or been inspired by lawn bowling practiced throughout the Commonwealth or by “bourle” practiced in Haut de France, Belgium and the Netherlands?
Was it inspired by the ball games of the sailors waiting for the tide in the “Gabares” hold?


Still, it is unique in France and classified as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

What about you givin’ a roll with us!