French movie 09 – Florida (2015)

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Although he’s now eighty years old, Claude Lherminier is still as imposing as he ever was. But his bouts of forgetfulness and confusion are becoming increasingly frequent. Even so, he stubbornly refuses to admit that anything is wrong. Carole, his oldest daughter, wages a daily and taxing battle to ensure that he’s not left on his own. Claude suddenly decides on a whim to go to Florida. What lies behind this sudden trip?

Floride was Jean Rochefort last movie and is in a sense a tribute to him. He is of every scene. First half of the movie shows him mischevious, try-hard, filled with humour. Thus the tone of movie changes, we understand the changes his character follows and we see his touching, fragile side.

The movie without Rochefort would not hold, however the thematic of memory is well used and shows how it is essential, to ourselves, to our relationship with others, and even to the image we can have of people that already left this wolrd.

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