French movie 07 – Il favoloso mondo di Amélie (2001)

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001)

Wednesday 27 April at 8:45pm, Auditorium Club House

Movie in French with Italian subtitles,
mandatory registration, mandatory Mask FFP2 , mandatory Super Green Pass

Please REGISTER HERE (max 50 people in the Club House auditorium)

Amélie grows up a slightly introverted child as a result of her unusual parents. When she grows up she has her own unusual habits and quirks. When she finds a hidden box of childhood toys in her house she decides to track down the owner and return it to him. Seeing the happiness that she brings to him she resolves to work in secret to make other people happy. However can she be happy herself?

Why you should see that movie :

the grace is the fundamental virtue of film. a grace as result of humor, childhood’s crumbs, profound faith and love and joy and an actress who explores in wise manner each part from her character. a film who remains adorable for its deep force of freedom, high art and translation of every day reality in the right language who preserves the tools of fairy tale. a film about life as miracle. useful . charming. extraordinary. because it discover and not propose. because it is a crazy, magnificent trip in the essence of things. because it has not a specific genre. because it seems be only one of beautiful spring mornings.

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