French movie 03 – Happiness is in the field (1995)

Happiness Is in the Field – Le bonheur est dans le pré (1995) – with English subtitles

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Wednesday 16 February at 8:45pm, Auditorium Club House

Everything goes awry in the life of Francis Bergeade: his firm is on strike, his wife Nicole despises him and he has a heart attack. All these reasons incite him, helped by his best friend Gérard to take the place of Michel who disappeared more than twenty years ago and is demanded by his family. Thus, Francis arrives in the life of Dolores who breeds ducks in the south of France with her two daughters…

Why you should see that movie :

If you like good, intelligent comedy (something completely different from American empty-headed comedies) this picture is perfect for you. It has interesting and witty dialogues, bright atmosphere and great performances by Michel Serrault (Francis) ,Eddy Mitchell (Gerard) and specially Sabine Azema who is excellent and hilarious as Francis’ wife Nicole.

The plot of “Le Bonheur est dans le pre” is a simple one, but the excellent casting, the finesse of tone and dialogues, the constant humour give this movie real class.

It’s a modern fairy tale, worth seeing again and again (especially when you feel a bit depressed, or slowed down), an apology of the simple (and free) pleasures of life.

Some might remember the ‘Safrane’ as one of the highlights of the movie, I prefer the one remark made by Cantona: “C’est pas lourd le confit !”

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