Gift distribution at JRC Ispra

On the 19th of January a small gift will be distributed by French volunteers at the gates of the JRC.

Bergamotes of Nancy

The Bergamot of Nancy is a sweet, translucent candy with a unique taste. It was the first confectionery in France to be awarded PGI status, a Protected Geographical Indication.

This translucent square sweet has a yellow amber colour, is slightly tart and is flavoured with bergamot orange essential oil. This natural oil from Calabria, Italy was brought to Nancy well before 1750 by René D’Anjou and René II, both Dukes of Lorraine.
Once the favourite candy of Stanislaw Leszczynski, another Duke of Lorraine, it became the specialty of Nancy’s confectioners at the end of the 19th century.

In Lorraine, only 4 confectioners are authorised to make Bergamot of Nancy PGI candies, and they must strictly adhere to the production methods. The ones you got, are coming from the Confiserie Stanislas.

Bêtises de Cambrai

Bêtise de Cambrai is a popular candy and a specialty of the town of Cambrai. Their original flavor is mint, but nowadays there is a great range of flavors such as apple, chocolate, violet, and cherry. The candies are usually decorated with a caramel stripe which gives them extra sweetness


Berlingots are one of the oldest traditional hard sweets in France, recognisable by their shape which resembles a pyramid with rounded edges. They were first made in two areas of France: Carpentras in Vaucluse and Nantes in Loire-Atlantique.
Berlingots Carpentras are translucent with white stripes and date back to the early 1800s while the Berlingots Nantais are opaque, covered in a dusting of sugar and were first made at the end of the 19th century.

Caramels au beurre salé