FR Semester VéloMai: “a vélo” with Stendhal & friends on Lake Maggiore

It is VeloMai, and we have prepared something special for you !

NEW DATE: due to uncertainties with weather, the event will be May 22nd

We offer for the Sunday 22nd May a nice “promenade” bike ride with culture and food , the perfect combination!.

It is one-day bike ride (approximately from 10 am to 5 pm, length about 35 km), medium / low difficulty, with outdoors nature and cultural stops with reading from French authors who have written about Lake Maggiore.

The day includes a lunch stop with French products.

Costs: € 15.00 / each – possibility to rent a bike for € 5.00 (electric bikes € 10.00)- departure and arrival in Piazza San Martino in Ispra.


Lake Maggiore fascinated and inspired great French artists, who discovered these places in the wake of Napoleon Bonaparte or during the “Grand Tour” and other travels during the 18th and 19th centuries. The pedaling itinerary starts from Ispra and touches the municipalities of Angera, Ranco, Cadrezzate with Osmate, Brebbia, Monvalle, touching Lake Maggiore and crossing the hinterland. We will observe the landscape from various points of view and during the day we will heapassages by Stendhal, Flaubert, Dumas and others. The lunch break will be in the form of a picnic and will have French products as its theme.

  • Date: Sunday 22 May, 2022 (10.00h), register by 19 May
  • Registration: Bicycle Shop Romeo, piazza san Martino 63, 21027 Ispra.
  • Phone and WhatsApp: +39 348 8516 760
  • Email:

Huge thanks to Jean-Michel TERRES for the idea ad the organisation !

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