Equihen Plage – Houses made from upturned boat hulls

France is home to many unique buildings and cultural wonders. However, some of them are really unusual and the village of Equihen Plage is one of them. Located on the northern coast of France, this peaceful place has a beautiful beach, lovely campsites and cozy houses made from upturned boat hulls. The inhabitants of the village live in upside down boats. Today, living in such a small space, instead of a modern house seems pointless. But, the locals are devoted to preserving their culture and their surprising and amazing history.

In the early 1900s, Equihen Plage was known as one of the best places to fish. As many boats had to be destroyed on the shore, local fishermen used them as roofs for their handmade shelters. Unfortunately, the Second World War destroyed almost all the boathouses in the village. However, local families were determined to maintain their legacy. Thus, the villagers restored some of the old upturned boat-hull dwellings and built new ones.

Today, more than 3,000 people live under the boat hulls and some of them are available for rent to tourists. There is no doubt that this village of upside-down boat-hull houses is unusual!