Dronisos, the Light show startup

You probably heard of drones aiding in search and rescue operations, delivering food and essentials to inaccessible locations, carrying blood and medical supplies to rural hospitals, inspecting bridges and dams for structural defects, etc. However, you might not have heard of drones being used purely for aesthetic purposes in the form of drone light shows, and even if you did, it would have only been very recently.

Drone light shows are pre-programmed choreographies performed by drone swarms that have been fitted with LEDs.

Dronisos is one of the few drone show providers that specialise in both indoor and outdoor shows. Their indoor drone shows can cost anywhere between €7,500 and €75,000, while our outdoor shows start at €40,000 and can go up to €250,000 and higher. They also have an option for permanent/recurring drone shows for theme parks, circuses, etc. These are tailor-made shows and the price will depend on the requirements.

Like with all new technologies, the cost of drone light shows will find its equilibrium as the technology matures in the coming years. Although the prices have dropped considerably over the past few years, they are still relatively expensive. So if you’re planning on painting the sky with a marriage proposal, that might have to wait a few more years :).

There are no fixed price brackets for drone light shows as every show is tailor-made specifically for a particular event. Many factors like the country hosting the show, whether the show is indoors or outdoors, and the overall budget are all taken into consideration when designing a show.

What kind of drones do they use?

They use all types of drones from commercial brands ( DJI, Yuneec, etc…) ; but their favorite ones are from Parrot. They deeply modify Parrot drones hardware and software in order to make them perfect for drone light shows.

How many drones can they put in the sky ?

Just for your info, Dronisos hold the indoor world record for a drone show – 200 drones indoor at the same time.(see the video below)
They can fly up to 1000 drones. If the performance is indoor, they may be limited by the size of the venue. The optimum number of drones is determined by the available space and creative needs of the project.
Having a huge number of drones is great… but having a decent time to create the show is even better !

The biggest achievement and main highlight for Dronisos is the exclusive collaboration created with Expo 2020 Dubai. Following a global tender, the Dronisos drone show system was chosen by the organisers to provide daily indoor and outdoor shows during the entire six-month event. Expo 2020 opened its doors to the world on October 1st, 2021, will run for 182 days, and will be the largest ever event in the Arab world. For the first time in World Expo history, each of the 195 participating countries will have its own pavilion. For 6 months, Expo 2020 as a major attraction is said to be the meeting point for innovation and creativity bringing together 25 million visitors

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