DROM, Overseas Departments and Regions

Ideal places to relax, go sightseeing and get away from it all, the departments of Overseas France are destinations of choice for nature-lovers, devotees of sunbathing and sports fans. The ancestral traditions, the idyllic beaches with crystal-clear waters, the lush forests full of walking trials, the beauty and richness of the sea beds, the tropical fauna and flora, and the culinary specialities, exotic fruits and spices have plenty to amaze holidaymakers looking for a change of scene! How could anyone resist the long sandy beaches of Martinique and Guadeloupe, the awe-inspiring, verdant cirques of Réunion, the splendid coral reef of Mayotte or the magnificent nature reserves of Guiana?


Located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, over 6,000 kilometres from mainland France, the Guadeloupe archipelago is one of the key destinations of the Antilles. Whilst its islands are a dream for fans of idyllic beaches and turquoise lagoons, they also delight nature-lovers, who come here to enjoy exceptional wild landscapes. Climb to the top of the famous Soufrière, hike along the trails of the tropical forest, discover the beauty of the sea bed on a snorkelling or diving trip, take a ride in a catamaran in the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin nature reserve, admire the local animal and plant life on a leisurely stroll… So many special moments to be experienced to the full! It’s also a paradise for lovers of culinary discoveries: the colourful markets full of exotic fruit and vegetables, spices and seafood, typical Creole dishes, the famous cane juice rum and the delicious coconut sorbet are sure to delight the taste buds… A marvellously exotic and extremely pleasant getaway to look forward to!


While the “island of flowers” is especially popular with those who enjoy a relaxing holiday, with its tropical climate, relaxed pace of life, Creole specialities and idyllic sandy beaches, it also delights nature-lovers. With most of the island protected by the Regional Nature Park, Martinique has exceptional biodiversity as well as extraordinary unspoilt landscapes that hikers love. The Pelée mountain volcano, the Carbet mountains, the Caravelle peninsula, and all the walks in the tropical forest and along the wonderful coastal paths really offer some amazing sights! As well as these natural assets, there’s a fascinating architectural and cultural heritage: the Clément habitation, Schoelcher library in Fort-de-France, Case-Pilote Church, remains of Saint-Pierre, and villages full of picturesque charm are just some of the beautiful sights you’ll discover during your stay in Martinique!

Réunion island

An ethnically and culturally diverse land in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Réunion is a place of amazing heritage and scenic treasures. A haven for hikers and other nature-lovers, this multi-faceted tropical island is a dream destination in which to rest and recuperate, have a change of scene and enjoy the delights of rambling. A place of incredible biodiversity, Réunion will enchant you with its exceptional natural sites. The famous Piton de la Fournaise volcano, the renowned Piton des Neiges peak, the majestic cirques of Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie, or the magnificent wild South are just a few of the fantastic places that will leave you with unforgettable holiday memories! You can also appreciate an amazing blend of cultures and religions as you explore the towns and villages on the island. And to unwind after a visit or hike, you can choose between the lovely sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean, the refreshing waterfalls and lakes of Réunion’s rivers, and the health-giving spa waters of Cilaos… Plenty of ways to enjoy a truly unforgettable stay!


8h30 flight from Paris and 2h from the West Indies, Guyana is a French region in South America bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, located between Brazil and Suriname. French land in the Amazon, it alone brings together exceptional natural resources, still preserved biodiversity, an abundance of secular cultures, natural sites unique in the world, and Europe’s main gateway to space.
With its 8 million hectares of virgin forest and more than 5,000 animal and plant species (still in the discovery phase), the inestimable natural heritage of Guyana offers a magnificent playground for nature enthusiasts and lovers of nature. ecotourism on a human scale.With more than ten ethnic groups represented, Guyana is a unique cultural bubbling, shaped by centuries of history and meetings of civilizations! 
Since the 1960s and the choice of Europe to make it its spaceport, Guyana has undoubtedly had its eyes on space. With X launches on average per year, Guyana is one of the rare French territories to combine both nature and technology.