Discover Paris from the Montparnasse tower thanks to an augmented reality application

Friday, April 30, 2021, the Montparnasse tower observatory launched a free application to discover Paris in immersion thanks to augmented reality.

Take height. Scan Paris with your gaze, enjoy a breathtaking view and identify the monuments and their history from home, on a tablet or a phone. This is now possible thanks to a new application developed by Magnicity and the start-up Timescope.

A possible experience at home. The Magnicity application is available on the Apple Store and on Android.

Paris and its secrets thanks to augmented reality

The principle is simple: after having launched it, all you have to do is scan the panorama of the modeled capital and browse the some 150 points of interest identified by blue circles. Anecdotes about Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the Bourse du Commerce, the Arab World Institute and even Mont-Valérien (Hauts-de-Seine) are then displayed.

Discover Paris by night… and Lutèce in 2022

Two functionalities “Paris by night” and “Paris antique” complete the application. For the first, it is a question of locating the places of culture and the flagship establishments of the Parisian night. The second was developed with historians and reconstructs Lutèce.