French Folk Dances

On the left, the danse teacher Cristina Zecchinelli – on the right, a danse in circle

This course, organised by the JRC Dance Club includes a “dancing trip to France”, an area in which traditional music and dance have rediscovered the characteristics and liveliness of the past. Thanks to some passionate researchers, a large part of this heritage has been saved, and thanks to them we can now find ourselves dancing as we used to.

The ancient melodies and traditional songs guide the dancers in circles, chains, quartets, with exchanges of ladies and knights, finding themselves still immersed in the ancient rural world, where music and dance were part of the spontaneous expression of the people.

In our meetings will be proposed the practice of some dances trying to turn on, or increase, the curiosity about this particular and fascinating repertoire. The course is for everyone, trying not to bore the most experienced and not to put in difficulty the less experienced. We will start from the circle to then discover other choreography and couple dances, with complex crossings and new steps, browsing the regions of Brittany, Gascony, Berry and Poitou.

You will also be given the necessary elements to be able to dance freely, having even more fun, in future concerts and dance evenings.

Our teacher is Cristina Zecchinelli: a lover of dance since childhood, she identifies in the French Dances the repertoire that most attracts her, for the harmony of sounds, the elegance of movements and the intensity of the relationship that is created between dancers, especially in the meeting between Lady and Knight. Passionate, she attends numerous courses and stages in France and Italy with scholars, researchers and teachers of traditional French folk dance.

A medical certificate and the subscription to the club will be necessary to attend the course.

Come and try! 

When: Thursday from 8 to 10 pm

2 Thursdays a month we will have a lesson with the teacher, the other Thursdays we will practice without the teacher.

Where: Multisport Hall, Club House (Ispra)

Contribution to participate: 60 euros for 3 months (January-February-March 2022)

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Responsible of the course: Giulia Barbero Vignola


Teacher: M. Cristina Zecchinelli