Our Bureau


Our structure is an ensemble cast. Ispra is the biggest site and has traditionally a more formal structure and more breadth to organises activities, but we want this semester to be an interplay of activities and ideas that are shared and deployed as much as possible for all and with all when it is possible.  

Roles who 
President (IPR) Catherine Simoneau 
Vice president (IPR) Claude Guillou 
Leader Geel  Sophie Roulette 
Leader Petten Jean-Pierre Schosberg 
Leader Karslruhe Rachel Eloirdi  
Leader Seville Damien De Geerter 
Leader Brussels Valerie Enjolras 
Secretary (IPR) Marc Hohenadel/Laurence Guy Mikkelsen 
Treasurer (IPR) Fabrice Wawak 
Relation to political & sponsors (IPR) Marc Hohenadel 
Auditor (IPR) Stephane Cordeil 
PR and comms  Ad-hoc 
Web site design and Webmaster: Christophe Louvrier (alumni) – Jason Gonin  
FB account manager Jason Gonin (tbc) – Catherine Simoneau  
Thematic event organisers  Ad-hoc (by regions and/or by type of activity) see following sections