Bocaux & co, a circular economy project

Bocaux & co is a circular economy project for the reuse of jars throughout the Dijon metropolitan area (Burgundy-Franche Comté region); Recycling is no longer enough, more must be done! This has a much heavier environmental impact than reuse.

Bocaux & co revolves around 3 activities:

  • Reuse – to set up a circuit for reuse of jars
  • Processing, to develop the practice of conservation in jars
  • Training, to train and raise awareness of jar conservation techniques

Based on such a common resource – the glass jar or screw cap jar – Bocaux&co aims to:

  • 1)support the food self-sufficiency of a territory, by promoting the development of the practice of canning and its various techniques
  • 2)participate in reducing waste and our environmental impact
  • 3)contribute to the social and solidarity economy, by initiating a circular, participatory, inclusive and united economy model

Compared to recycling, reusing the jars saves:

  • 79% greenhouse gas
  • 76% energy
  • 33% water

Recycling vs Reuse

The jars reuse circuit, offered by the Bocaux & Co Association

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