CHEEZAM: can machine learning be used to identify a type of french cheese?


Cheezam is the brainchild of a few data scientists at Over lunch a few months ago, a debate took place as to which types of cheese were served on a dessert tray. Yep, things get pretty wild at lunches outside of our Paris, France office. Just imagine what these folks are like on the weekend!

From that lunch an idea was born, can machine learning be used to identify a type of cheese? The time has come to officially announce Cheezam, an artificial intelligence app built on the AI Management platform. It was trained on a dataset of french cheeses.

In this limited preview (aka ‘Alpha’ release) the model is currently only able to predict the type of cheese. Future iterations will be built if there is demand. As AI and machine learning experts, we may need to pull in additional experts who are more than just novice cheese lovers.


This is a very simple app!

Step 1. Have your iOS or Android phone ready
Step 2. Go to
Step 3. Click Take photo (take a picture of the cheese!)
Step 4. Test the results