Bistrotier, le livre des joues rouges et des assiettes à saucer

The bistrot, the flagship of the hungry Ha! The Bistrot (pub) ! Its counter, its conviviality and its homemade dishes that can be tasted at any time. A true French institution.
One of its most famous representatives, Stéphane Reynaud, shares 250 recipes to feast on and 100 wines to accompany them. There are eggs mayo, terrines, oysters, dishes in sauce, cheese platters and of course desserts. Must-haves that will transport you from the counter to the tortoise shell bench, from the butcher’s room to the dessert window. But not only ! You will also find the map of oyster-growing areas or even everything you need to know about old aperitifs, beer or coffee … And then 100 wines, associated with these gourmet dishes, described by Stéphane Reynaud with generosity and authenticity, to multiply the pleasures of the table.

The book can be bought on Amazon Italia