BalleConcept – Innovative company with bio-based ideas

The production of Camargue rice involves waste, such as its stem, also called rice straw, or its part unfit for consumption: the rice husk (protective covering).
Balleconcept recycles all of this waste, in particular by offering insulation solutions. The company packages ready-to-use “boots” in various sizes for the construction industry.
Balleconcept’s innovations also concern manufacturers, such as breweries or pharmaceutical laboratories, which will be able to use this rice waste for their difficult filtrations, since they are without grain residues, without additives, without aromas and without microbiological risks.

Founded in 2015, BalleConcept is a company specialising in the valuation of by-products from rice cultivation and milling. It offers its customers high quality rice husks, in bulk or in the form of high density bundles. BalleConcept is an innovative company, concerned about its environment and the evolution of the agricultural sector.

Due to its very low density, rice husks occupy a large area around rice mills. In the spirit of protecting its natural environment, BalleConcept invested in a high density baler in 2016. In the form of compact bundles, the rice husk becomes easier to transport, store, and handle on construction sites. Its price and carbon impact are also reduced.

Since then, we have conditioned the 4,000 tonnes of Camargue rice husks produced by Silos de Tourtoulen in Arles and marketed them in high density bundles.

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